Become an exhibitor

An exhibition will also be held during the conference in which, representatives of certifying companies, consulting firms, and calibration software manufacturers will participate in order to introduce advanced goods, services and technologies.

Exhibition Registration form

Exhibition Registration form

Information of Adjoining Exhibition

Presence of one person at the stall (as a person in charge) is free of registration fee.
Chair 2
Table 1
Lighting 3 100-Watt Lamps
Socket 1
Time 9-17
Stall Delivery Date to Participants 29th October 2016
Stall Evacuation Date 31st October 2016
Engraving company`s name on the inscription of the stall
Insertion of Company`s name in the Exhibition Book
Insertion of company`s name and logo on the website of the conference


Site Price per m2
A 5,500,000
B 4,500,000
C 3,900,000


Area of Stall Number of Stall
24 7
55 14
12 Others

Note: Prior to stall selection, please coordinate with exhibition officials.

Please contact conference secretariat in case of requiring more facilities.